Brand Story

Is there ever a “right time” to start a business? That’s the question I grappled with over and over before eventually deciding to start my online store.


Before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lekesha McPhail, and I'm the founder and CSO (Chief Styling Officer) of Styles by Callie G. I'm a dedicated healthcare professional with a passion for fashion. Styles by Callie G is the extension of my desire to make women look and feel beautiful from the inside out.


My business was birthed out of self care during the uncertain times of 2020.  I decided to share my desire to improve my overall being through fashion.  Getting up and getting dressed up and throwing on a little makeup made me feel amazing; I had a "New Attitude".   However, as with any new venture I was hesitate to move forward.

It was a conversation with my grandmother that helped me develop the confidence to move forward before I talked myself out of it. Her wisdom put into perspective that tomorrow isn't promised, and I'd never want to leave the earth wondering what if.


With that said, I am proud to introduce Styles by Callie G to a world that could use some of that strength now more than ever. The motto, Empower & Inspire with Style, is one I take seriously since I believe how you look directly impacts how you feel. I make it my personal mission for women with all kinds of style preferences feel seen when they shop with me. From classic styles to Instagram trends, originality and beauty are what I aim for. If you have an issue with how you look today, I want Styles by Callie G to be the solution for tomorrow.


Styles by Callie G is a longtime dream that I'm finally realizing, and I can't wait to help my customers create the best version of themselves.


Thank you for Shopping with Styles by Callie G